Vernon Reid

Sunday, March 28, 1999. 9:00 pm
Night of Radiance–duets with Vernon Reid and Laraaji Venus. Music for acoustic, electric and electronic guitars and autoharp.

Phoebe Legere

Saturday, March 27, 1999. 9:00 pm
Phoebe Legere, pianistpoet, accordionactivist, composersinger, performs excerpts from her Sci-Fi opera Planet Boob; the first in a three part […]

Ulrich Krieger

Friday, March 26, 1999. 9:00 pm
Utgard Revisited–a new piece by German composer-performer Ulrich Krieger, which brings together a teutonic approach of drum ‘n bass, […]

Jens Brand

Thursday, March 25, 1999. 9:00 pm
The Ratchets–Composer Jens Brand, ratchets and 8 computer-controlled ratchets with Seth Josel, tenor banjo and electric guitar. Ratchets […]

Joe McPhee

Sunday, March 21, 1999. 9:00 pm
In The Spirit, encompassing the secular and the sacred, the sassy, the visual, the rhythm and blues of people who, through the expression of […]

Shelley Hirsch (duo improvs)

Saturday, March 20, 1999. 9:00 pm
Vocalist/composer/performer Shelley Hirsch in duos with Min Xiao Fen (pipa), DJ Olive (turntables), and David Watson (bagpipes). Fascinating, […]

Peter Gordon and Joan La Barbara

Friday, March 19, 1999. 9:00 pm
Tales and Mosaics–An evening of voice, winds and electronics, composed and performed by Joan La Barbara (voice) and Peter Gordon (winds). […]

The Barton Workshop: Christian Wolff at 65

Thursday, March 18, 1999. 9:00 pm
Happy Birthday Christian Wolff! The Barton Workshop has been studying and performing the works of Christian Wolff for several years. Their work […]

Elizabeth Panzer

Wednesday, March 17, 1999. 9:00 pm
A little Alice Coltrane, a little Steve Gorn, a little Max Roach? Maybe. More like an extrapolation. Solo compositions by Eve Beglarian, Kitty […]

First Meeting

Sunday, March 7, 1999. 9:00 pm
Borah Bergman, piano; Thomas Buckner, voice; and Roscoe Mitchell, sax; plus a special first time appearance with drummer/percussionist, Thurman […]