Mixology Festival 2020: Lary 7 (Owl Movie) // Rue Bainbridge

Thursday, February 20, 2020. 8:00 pm
The second night of Mixology features the experimental cinema and sounds of duo Rue Bainbridge and artist Lary 7.

Mixology Festival 2003: Day 1 of 6

Monday, June 23, 2003. 8:00 pm
Roulette’s Mixology Festival highlights new and unusual technologies in sound and multimedia. This edition curated by David Linton and […]

Mixology 2000: NNeng

Friday, May 5, 2000. 9:00 pm
…[>meen<>green<]…\audio/vision\…-|wipe|-|it|-… NNeng creates real-time anti-narrative cinema, an intense and […]

Roulette at The Knitting Factory

Roulette at The Knitting Factory
Wednesday, December 18, 1996. 8:00 pm
Roulette At The Knitting Factory Alterknit Theatre: Phill Niblock, Dan Evans Farkas, Ben Manley and Matt Rogalsky Impossible Music (Tim Spelios, […]

Hoppy Kamiyama & The Poool

Friday, October 18, 1996. 8:30 pm
The renowned keyboardist/producer of the post-industrial-sci-fi-jazz/heavy-rock improvisational band OPTICAL-8 from Tokyo will improvise one set […]

Mixology 1993: 77HZ

Saturday, May 1, 1993. 8:00 pm
The performance ensemble present “The Beaty Path,” digital mediations on innocence and experience and control and authority with […]