Tone Road Ramblers

Wednesday, January 29, 2014. 8:00 pm
Music beyond the classical avant-garde & free improvisation by old friends

Anne La Berge & John Fonville

Thursday, October 9, 1986. 9:00 pm
Two virtuoso California flutists present solos, duos, improvisations, prepared recorders, and the microtonal “Mong Songs.”

John Fonville & Tom North

Saturday, April 13, 1985. 9:00 pm
“Calliope Reconsidered,” for microtonal panpipes, and duets for flutes, bass recorder, oltophone, and prepared electric guitar, from […]

Tone Road Ramblers

Saturday, May 12, 1984. 8:30 pm
New compositions for the ensemble: John Fonville, Morgan Powell, David Sasaki, Ray Sasaki, and Jim Staley. To see full program, click on the […]

John Fonville

Saturday, May 22, 1982. 9:00 pm
From the flutist/composer, Myth Meet for One, Two and Three Musicians and Choosing An Appropriate Epitaph for flute, trombone, piano, […]

John Fonville

Saturday, December 19, 1981. 8:30 pm
“Here Lies I, Antonin Artaud and other works” John Fonville is a flutist and composer. Fonville specializes in extended techniques […]

Jon Deak

Friday, December 11, 1981. 8:30 pm
Daphne Finds True Love and other works. A prominent instrumentalist, Jon Deak was for many years the Associate Principal Bassist of the New York […]

John Fonville

Monday, March 23, 1981. 8:30 pm
The flutist/composer presents new work and collaborations.

Music Structures Space: A Performance of the Scores of David Means

Saturday, December 13, 1980. 8:00 pm
Jerry Renino; Carol Fox; George Cuppernull; John Fonville; Laura Campbell; Dave Unland; Jim Staley; Bob Gale; Laura Campbell; Sue Steck Turner […]

Michael Kowalski

Saturday, November 1, 1980. 8:00 pm
“Fake Book”: pieces for solo piano. Composer and pianist Michael Kowalski was a pioneer in the field of computer music in the 1970s. […]