Vision Festival: Music is Mine Vision Ensemble / Myths of Origin / Knife & Rose / Watershed / Natural Information Society

Saturday, June 25, 2022. 5:00 pm
Doors 4:00pm
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Vision Festival: Music is Mine Vision Ensemble / Myths of Origin / Knife & Rose / Watershed / Natural Information Society

Saturday, June 25, 2022. 5:00 pm
Roulette Members and Patron Circle Members may reserve a limited number of tickets using their member benefits by contacting Eric Umble at eric@roulette.org or (917) 267-2440. Member and Patron Circle reservations must be made in advance.


Arts for Art’s Music is Mine Vision Ensemble features an emerging generation of young improvisers under the direction of educators and musicians Daro Behroozi, Michael TA Thompson and William Parker. Jason Kao Hwang’s Myths of Origin orchestra defies orientalist fantasies by inhabiting multiple worlds of sound, collectively creating music free of boundaries. Knife & Rose embodies the vocal, movement, political, and musical centered focus of Patricia Nicholson since she landed in the Lower East Side creative music scene, with help from friends and collaborators Ellen Christi, Jean Carla Rodea and Francisco Mela. Watershed is the premiere of a new ensemble featuring Steve Swell, Rob Brown, Melanie Dyer, Bob Stewart, Michael TA Thompson, and legendary first-generation free jazz pianist Dave Burrell. Partners and collaborators Monique Ngozi Nri and Ahmed Abdullah share the stage for poetry with trumpet accompaniment. The night ends with Natural Information Society, whose long-from, hypnotic environments will be joined by the rhythm section of William Parker and Hamid Drake.

Set 1, 5pm- Music is Mine Vision Ensemble

Set 2, 6:30pm- Jason Kao Hwang Myths of Origin for 30 Strings

Set 3, 7:30pm- Knife & Rose
Patricia Nicholson – text, movement
Ellen Christi – voice
Jean Carla Rodea – voice
Francisco Mela – drums, voice

Set 4, 8:30pm- Watershed
Steve Swell – trombone, comp.
Karen Borca – bassoon
Rob Brown – sax
Melanie Dyer – viola
Bob Stewart – tuba
TA Thompson – drums
guest Dave Burrell – piano

Set 5, 9:30pm- Monique Ngozi Nri & Ahmed Abdullah
Monique Ngozi Nri – poetry
Ahmed Abdullah – trumpet

Set 6, 10:00pm- Natural Information Society
Joshua Abrams – bass, gimbre
Lisa Alvarado – harmonium
Jason Stein – bass clarinet
Mikel Patrick Avery – drums
Special guests: William Parker – bass, gimbre
Hamid Drake – drums

Founded in 1996, the Vision Festival is New York City’s longest continuously running jazz festival. Now in its 26th year, this festival of music, dance, poetry, and visual art is heralded as “one of New York’s most essential art events” (New York Times). Performances feature legendary and emerging stars representing the free jazz, experimental, and avant-garde communities and include Lifetime Achievement honorees like Amina Claudine Myers, Andrew Cyrille, Dave Burrell, Peter Brötzmann, and Milford Graves. This year, we honor Wadada Leo Smith and Oliver Lake.

Photo Credit: Kate Glicksberg, Nobu Awata, Rob Miller