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Opening Reception — November 8, 2010

On this day 7 years ago, Roulette held a reception announcing the new theatre space on Atlantic Avenue in Downtown Brooklyn.

Shelley Hirsch performing the first Roulette show on the new stage.



Brooklyn Borough President Marty Markowitz


Roulette Treasurer Joe Walker


YWCA Executive Director Martha Kamber

Illustrations of John Zorn’s The Book Beriah

Illustrations by artist Julia Sverchuk who attended The World Premiere of New Music from John Zorn’s Masada Book Three—The Book Beria at Roulette on Thursday, September 10, 2015.

Loren Sklamberg + Frank London, from “Nigunim”
From Zion 80: Marlon Sobol on percussion, Cyro Baptista on percussion, Frank London on trumpet and John Zorn on saxophone


Matt Hollenberg on guitar, from “Cleric”
Shanir Blumenkranz on bass and Tim Keiper on drums, from “Cyro Baptista and Banquet of the Spirits”

Poem User Assembly by David Weinstein

“The photo shows an installation/performance of The Poem User Assembly that took place at Roulette probably mid-80s. That is me in the middle and David Linton off to the side. The machine was made of cannibalized tape recorders that played lines of a poem “Inside Juke” by Diane Ward. There were 64 lines recorded on magnetic tape and glued to the “pie” segments displayed on the racks. 8 playback heads enabled users to swap out any 8 lines of the poem in any order and listen to the voices read the segment.”

— David Weinstein