Mixology: Dorit Chrysler

Tuesday, February 16, 2016. 8:00 pm

Compositions and improvisations for voice, Theremin (one of the first electronic instruments), and the Taurus Bass Pedal (a Moog creation) by Dorit Chrysler, a decorated virtuoso and activist ambassador for her magical instruments. The works display the contrast of the massive physicality of the pedals with the delicate motion of the hands in midair when playing the Theremin, engaging the entire body. Processed and layered in performance, the soloist creates a virtual orchestra from the simplest elements.

Presented on a double bill with DJ Dog Dick (Max Eisenberg), see separate entry.

The 2016 edition of Roulette’s Festival of Mixology explores the history and tradition of electronics as it influences contemporary performance. Over five days and featuring nine artists and their collaborators, the Festival illustrates the potency of invention and re-invention that has fueled experimentation and imagination for a century. Concerts feature masters in the art of of Theremin, synthesizer, sampling, glitch, appropriation, film and video interface, analog processing, circuit bending, and DJ technology.

Curated by David Weinstein, the co-founder of Roulette and producer of the first Festival of Mixology over 25 years ago, the series celebrates resurrected, restored, and recovered machinery, vintage recordings, and principles of electronic sound and image stretched to impact new and adventurous work.

Wednesday, February 17 Val-Inc // Trumpet Trumpet Synthesizer

Thursday, February 18 Z’EV: CINEmotion // Lary 7

Friday, February 19 David Linton: bicamRL AV // Thomas Dexter

Saturday, February 20 Yuka C. Honda

David Weinstein is a composer, curator, radio producer, event organizer, and activist for new and experimental arts in all media. He has been a director of programming and/or operations at Roulette, MoMA PS1, Clocktower Gallery and Radio, Outpost Gallery, and many more. He has performed and recorded with artists including Shelley Hirsch, Elliott Sharp, and John Zorn. His radio series, Impossible Music, is streamed at clocktower.org.