Baird Hersey

Saturday, April 30, 1988. 9:00 pm
Living landscapes, active assemblages, and coblages by the ATVs: Hersey providing the audio, Janice and Mars Abbotto on the visual.

Stefano Scodanibbio

Friday, April 29, 1988. 9:00 pm
A contrabass player (1956-2012) of extraordinary finesse, tangible elegance, and chops, from Italy.

Jackson Mac Low & Anne Tardos: Human Geography

Thursday, April 28, 1988. 9:00 pm
The eternally immortal Mac Low (1922-2004, associate of Fluxus, John Cage, and Allen Ginsberg) and French/American partner and wordsmith Tardos […]

Gerry Hemingway

Sunday, April 17, 1988. 9:00 pm
“Various Quartet Subdivisions” for the percussionist (drums, marimba, vibraphone, small objects) with Anne LeBaron on harp and […]

Jim Staley w/Bill Frisell & Ikue Mori

Saturday, April 16, 1988. 9:00 pm
The trombonist (and didjeridu-er) with Bill Frisell on electric guitar and Ikue Mori on drum machine and drums in a mumbo jumbovian* trio. Solo, […]

Peter Blegvad

Friday, April 15, 1988. 9:00 pm
The singer/songwriter and remarkable lyricist presents Songs with St. Just in Roseland, a low volume ensemble comprised of the musician and […]

Peter Kowald

Thursday, April 14, 1988. 8:00 pm
Solo Contrabass improvisations by the German free jazz double bassist and tubist. Peter Kowald was part of the European tour undertaken by […]

Tenko w/ John Zorn & René Lussier

Wednesday, April 13, 1988. 8:00 pm
Improving trio for voice, sax, percussion, guitar, and other surprises. Tenko is a Japanese musician and improviser. She started music in 1979 […]

Ed Osborn / James Pugliese

Sunday, April 10, 1988. 9:00 pm
Osborn’s high and low-tech electronics using computer, french horn, and naked guitar, plus plugged-in drummer Pugliese’s grooves in […]

David Weinstein

Saturday, April 9, 1988. 9:00 pm
“Subverted Banks”, the thrill of sentiment, the agony of meaning, and the psychedelic lost soul, for electric band.