Kathleen Supové

Saturday, December 17, 1994. 9:00 pm
The Exploding Piano. The acclaimed series continues with sonic explosions for the piano by Louis Andriessen, Eve Beglarian, Alvin Curran, Aaron […]

Richard Teitelbaum

Friday, December 16, 1994. 9:00 pm
Live electronicist Richard Teitelbaum teams up with virtuoso violinist Mark Feldman for an evening of compositions and improvisations. They have […]

Andrea Parkins

Thursday, December 15, 1994. 9:00 pm
Composer/accordionist/keyboardist Andrea Parkins will perform her solo works for electrified accordion, sampler and piano. Also trio works for […]

Kitty Brazelton

Sunday, December 11, 1994. 9:00 pm
Computer & chamber works by the eclectic Dr. Dadadah Brazelton.

Eugene Chadbourne

Saturday, December 10, 1994. 9:00 pm
CRUDE GENE MANNIPULAPPALACHIAN blends traditional Appalachian folk music and other related “folk” forms to musique concrete, live […]

Johannes Bauer & Dietmar Diesner

Friday, December 9, 1994. 9:00 pm
A rare opportunity to hear two extraordinary improvisors from the former East Berlin. Bauer on trombone, Diesner on saxophones. Johannes Bauer […]

Dan Senn

Saturday, November 19, 1994. 9:00 pm
A lattice-work of new sculptural instruments (Flutterbye,Plate Tech Tonics), percussive videos (Trucker Sex, Fence Pissing, Montana Nash), texts […]

Bobby Previte/Wayne Horvitz/Skerik

Friday, November 18, 1994. 9:00 pm
New trio, first New York gig! Previte – drums & electronics, Horvitz – piano & electronic keyboards, Skerik – tenor […]

Davey Williams

Thursday, November 17, 1994. 9:00 pm
Composer/improviser/guitarist with a surrealist bent will perform solo guitar/assaulted by anything from Wonderbread to implements of an erotic […]

Tatsu Aoki & Lynn Book

Sunday, November 13, 1994. 9:00 pm
Interdisciplinary performance and vocal artist/composer Lynn Book and “jazz avant-garde” bassist/composer Tatsu Aoki will present […]