77 HZ

Saturday, May 6, 1995. 9:00 pm
The electronic arts ensemble in a concert of intermedia works featuring live video, music and animation. 77Hz includes Benton C Bainbridge, Nick […]

Yasunao Tone

Friday, May 5, 1995. 9:00 pm
Paramedia Mix: Tone studied methods of “translating” images to sounds, but for the most part the images in those compositions has, […]

Frankie Mann

Thursday, May 4, 1995. 9:00 pm
Composer/electronic wizard, Frankie Mann will premiere two works: Social Strata Symphony, an essay on working women with visuals by Terri […]

David Gamper & Pauline Oliveros

Saturday, April 29, 1995. 9:00 pm
Improvisations – Acoustic – Electronics (EISing the Cake): In the Deep Listening duo, Oliveros and Gamper direct attention to sound […]

David Shea: Prisoner

Friday, April 28, 1995. 9:00 pm
Works for the sampler including Prisoner, Hsi-Yu Chi and I. Also combinations of tributes to Hong Kong cinema, Tex Avery and Alphaville form the […]

Mark Trayle: Lullaby and Arcana

Thursday, April 27, 1995. 9:00 pm
Lullaby and Arcana: Trayle presents some new pieces, including Automatic Descriptions, inspired by the arcane technology of the late-19th […]

Bill Horvitz Trio

Friday, April 21, 1995. 9:00 pm
Composer/guitarist Bill Horvitz returns to NYC with new compositions for trio, featuring Joseph Sabella on drums and Steve Adams on saxophones. […]

Michael Sahl

Thursday, April 20, 1995. 9:00 pm
Music for Strings. Somewhere between Jazz and Romantic with Mary Rowell, Rob Tamaro, Sirius String Quartet and a new piano piece played by the […]

Gerry Hemingway

Wednesday, April 19, 1995. 9:00 pm
Acoustic & Electro-Acoustic Solo Work; Further investigations of expression, form, content song and sound for trap drums and midi-triggered […]

Ellery Eskelin

Sunday, April 9, 1995. 9:00 pm
Tenor saxophonist and composer Eskelin, with his group featuring Andrea Parkins on accordion and Jim Black on drums, will debut new works and […]