Phoebe Legere

Sunday, December 9, 2007. 8:00 pm
SUITE Transformation Suite is an ordered set of instrumental pieces for String Quartet, Keyboards, Laptop and Transsoprano: 1.True Road 2 Jive […]

Phoebe Legere

Friday, November 3, 2006. 8:30 pm
Scot Hornick: bass; Joakim: percussion, drums & samples; Phoebe Legere: piano, accordion, spoons, native flute, buffalo drum, sneakers & […]

Mixology Festival 2004: Phoebe Legere, The Sneakers of Samothrace

Saturday, June 5, 2004. 8:30 pm
The Sneakers of Samothrace: Critical Ecology Concerto in V Minor, a work of electric video sneakers, probes, data, pigment and MIDI-accordion/ […]

Phoebe Legere

Saturday, May 12, 2001. 8:00 pm
Earth Opera.   Phoebe Legere is a composer of Native American and French Canadian descent. She currently is studying composition at […]

Jim Staley, Ikue Mori, Phoebe Legere & Steve Butters: MACBETH

Sunday, December 12, 1999. 9:00 pm
Macbeth II (1888) will be the place to begin for this spectacular assemblage of improvising soundists: Phoebe Legere, vocalist, poet, pianist, […]

Phoebe Legere

Saturday, March 27, 1999. 9:00 pm
Phoebe Legere, pianistpoet, accordionactivist, composersinger, performs excerpts from her Sci-Fi opera Planet Boob; the first in a three part […]

Jim Staley

Sunday, April 19, 1998. 8:30 pm
“Old Rosebud, the trombonist engages in the pursuit and irradiation of musical enigmas, complicated only by the inevitable creation of […]

Jim Staley & Phoebe Legere

Friday, December 5, 1997. 8:30 pm
Singing the Praise of the Phrase A whole evening of duet improvisations for voice, trombone and extenuaions.

Phoebe Legere

Thursday, June 19, 1997. 8:00 pm
Texaco Jazz Festival, w/Jim Staley & Peter Ecklund.

Jim Staley/Phoebe Legere/Mark Feldman

Saturday, May 10, 1997. 9:00 pm
A newly inspired collaboration by three wildly obsessive improvisors.