Staley, Frith, Zorn

Sunday, April 26, 1987. 8:00 pm
An evening of conversation between Staley, Frith and Zorn. Jim Staley trombonist and composer utilizing the trombone in a unique manner, works […]

Joëlle Léandre

Wednesday, April 22, 1987. 8:00 pm
French Bassist with J. Staley & C.K. Noyes Improv. Joëlle Léandre (born 12 September 1951 in Aix-en-Provence, France) is a double […]

David Mahler

Tuesday, April 21, 1987. 8:30 pm
“Songs, Piano Pieces, Tape Pieces” with a tribute to Elvis Presley and this centuries’ most celebrated English language […]

Zeena Parkins

Monday, April 20, 1987. 8:30 pm
Electric and acoustic harps played with snappy irreverence and premeditated surprise. Multi-instrumentalist/composer/improviser, Zeena Parkins, […]

Tom Guralnick

Saturday, April 18, 1987. 8:30 pm
Tom Guralnick’s muted and prepared saxophone with Baird Hersey on computer-assisted sampling keyboard. Presented on a double bill […]

Ghana Dog (Matthew Ostrowski & Lazarus Sternberg)

Saturday, April 18, 1987. 8:00 pm
Lazarus Sternberg and Matthew Ostrowski (Ghana Dog)’s “Dinner Theatre” for guitar, electronics, and skillet. Matthew […]

Jeffrey Schanzer / Mark Howell

Friday, April 17, 1987. 8:30 pm
“Guitarist Schanzer’s ensemble with Marty Ehrlich, reeds and Bobby Previte, drums…plus guitarist Howell with John Zorn, sax […]

Shelley Hirsch

Thursday, April 16, 1987. 8:30 pm
“The encyclopaedic, tragicomedic rhapsodist performs vocal works using a specially designed new instrument.” Born and raised in East […]

Horst Rickels

Sunday, April 12, 1987. 8:30 pm
From Holland, playing his compressed air reconstructed organ pipe machines. Horst Rickels originally studied piano construction at […]

Takehisa Kosugi & Simone Forti

Tuesday, April 7, 1987. 8:30 pm
An evening of big and small sounds and movements. Takehisa Kosugi (小杉 武久 Kosugi Takehisa, March 24, 1938 – October 12, 2018) was a […]