Davey Williams “Solo Gig: Essential Curiosities in Musical Free Improvisation”

Tuesday, April 10, 2012. 8:00 pm
“Solo Gig: Essential Curiosities in Musical Free Improvisation is the name of my book, which is ostensibly about improvised music […]

Davey Williams

Thursday, November 10, 2005. 8:30 pm
Davey Williams has been known for several decades as one of the finest painters of seashells alive, using pleasing colors and a small brush with […]

Davey Williams

Friday, October 11, 2002. 8:30 pm
I’ve become a devoted Whatist. There is a peculiar “southernism” of conversation, where one person meets another and says […]

Davey Williams

Wednesday, October 17, 2001. 9:00 pm
The guitarist has declared this concert “unsuitable for children under the age of six minutes due to content of mind-numbing boredom, […]

Jim Staley/ Ikue Mori/ Davey Williams

Sunday, November 10, 1996. 8:30 pm
Orchestration—Combining these instruments and instrumentalists in various states of nature and subversiveness. Roulette Intermedium founder […]

Davey Williams

Thursday, November 17, 1994. 9:00 pm
Composer/improviser/guitarist with a surrealist bent will perform solo guitar/assaulted by anything from Wonderbread to implements of an erotic […]

Davey Williams & LaDonna Smith

Friday, November 17, 1989. 8:00 pm
An evening of improvisations by the duo from Birmingham, sets at 8 and 10pm. LaDonna Smith (born 1951) is an American avant garde […]

Tohban Djan

Sunday, November 12, 1989. 7:00 pm
Luli Shioi, vocals and bass; Ikue Mori, drums and percussion; Davey Williams, guitar; Hahn Rowe, violin; Zeena Parkins, accordion. The group […]

George Cartwright

Friday, November 3, 1989. 8:00 pm
Saxophonist George Cartwright leads a quintet with guitarist Davey Williams, drummer Ikue Mori, and dancers Cydney Wilkes and Sally Silvers plus […]

The Improvisor: Magazine Benefit

Saturday, July 1, 1989. 8:00 pm
A benefit concert for the improvisor, the international journal of free improvisation, founded in 1980. From a photocopied newsletter, to […]